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New Launches
Dei Bianchi & Dei Neri-The Black and White collection

Celebrate black and white like never before.

Authority. Power. Class. Dei Neri explores black in 100% premium fabrics in a world of shades and textures. Ideal for every occasion and every season, this timeless colour is reborn on fine fabrics in this collection.

Pure. Divine. Chic. Dei Bianchi is a tribute to the colour white. Crafted in 100% cotton premium fabrics this collection gives white a new lease of life. Undoubtedly the perfect choice all round the year.

Enjoy your blacks and whites for longer. The fabrics in this collection use a special imported dye that guarantees long lasting colour. On par with Italian mills, these fabrics are made from 100% Egyptian cotton called Giza Cotton using machinery imported from Italy.

At Morajee, we depend on world-famous Swiss Finish Technology to create these world-class fabrics. Our team is constantly on the trail of new ideas and so our customers can always look forward to new and surprising products.


Morarjee presents an elegant range of silk fabrics to its women customers with exquisite preference and a strong sense of design and style. The range has been created with natural and skin friendly fast colors with special emphasis on finishing. 

The new range of silk fabric includes Crepe/Georgette, Satin Silk, Haboo ti and Twill Silk that are available in both print and piece dyed variety. This range with its soft smoothness, luster and sheen, has already received a very encouraging response from high-end brands in the international and domestic markets for women’s apparel in casual (kurtas, kaftans), formal (shirts, tops, kurtas, skirts) and party wear (gowns, dresses) segments.

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